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What Our Clients Say

  • I had heard the expression thinking outside the box and dismissed this as a meaningless phrase promoted by advertising men.  I needed some creative thinking to deal with a business issue which was linked to an important contract the acquisition of which was moving at the speed of treacle.  Now I understand exactly what thinking outside the…Read More

    John M
  • A friend pointed me to Facebook where I located the page relevant to Casterbridge Hardy LLP and I chuckled at the Practice Parrot demolishing tax publications.  I thought this was all rather flippant, if entertaining, but the memory stayed with me.  I had never used an accountant as I had been employed all of my…Read More

    J C
  • Historically I viewed my accountant with the same sort of concern as I viewed my dentist – a necessary evil.  I never really understood what my accountant did and I was quite happy bumping along in blissful ignorance running my business to the best of my ability.  My blissful ignorance came to an unexpected end…Read More

    J T
  • Advertising can be very persuasive in the modern age and I became interested in equity release for a variety of reasons, some of which were more intelligent than others.  One of the more rational reasons concerned Inheritance Tax, which was a selling point for the schemes offered to me.  Lay people have no idea of…Read More

  • I, together with many of my friends, have assets in Spain.  During a heated debate between remainer and brexit friends (in the pub!) the topic of assets held within the European Union arose – particularly assets held in Spain.  It immediately became apparent that nobody had a clue as to what impact Brexit would have…Read More

    R C
  • I have a let property portfolio of thirtyeight units many of which are heavily financed.  The change in the tax treatment of interest payments posed a significant threat to my wealth so I decided to transfer the properties to a limited company.  The proposed Capital Gains Tax liability was colossal.  My longstanding accountant was unable…Read More

  • I manage a successful business in the Ukraine and I wanted to expand into the United Kingdom.  I did not know how to do this and I followed a recommendation from a friend in my country and contacted Casterbridge Hardy who have facilitated the launch of my business which is doing well.  I could no…Read More

  • I retired to Spain and retained an interest in investments and pensions in the United Kingdom.  All went well and my accountant in Spain provided a superb service for me – indeed, after more than twenty years he still does.  A situation arose, however, whereby a comparatively simple tax situation spiraled out of control.   My accountant…Read More

  • I sold my successful business in London and relocated to Dorset for a better quality of life. Clearly, I was too young to retire and I brought with me a new business idea. I met with several firms of accountants in the area and none of them showed any interest or, in the alternative, declared…Read More

  • We contacted Casterbridge Hardy over a Christmas break when it became clear that our existing accountants would fail to meet a crucial filing deadline. The team from Casterbridge Hardy moved with astonishing speed – the deadline was met and at a cost some 30% less than we had been expecting from their predecessors.

  • At Casterbridge Hardy, the tax partner located two crucial errors in the paperwork provided by H M Revenue and Customs and nothing was payable by me except the very reasonable fee of the firm.

  • We are a firm of accountants in practice. Casterbridge Hardy LLP are our first port of call when we need specialist tax advice in esoteric situations. They give us reassurance and will ghost write our letters with absolute discretion.

  • After fifteen years working with the team at Casterbridge Hardy LLP we succumbed to telephone marketing and transferred our instructions to another firm. It is true that our fees were reduced by about a third to around £1,000.00p but our tax bills rocketed from £8,000 to over £15,000 and having been signed up by a…Read More

  • I had been with Casterbridge Hardy LLP for seven years and I worked in the Construction Industry. An accident cut my career short and I needed financial assistance to obtain such benefits and compensation as were available for me. I could not afford to pay the considerable costs that fighting a claim generates. Casterbridge Hardy…Read More

  • I inherited a considerable sum of money and located a business which really excited me. I consulted Casterbridge Hardy LLP just before signing on the dotted line. Their due diligence work, at very short notice, unearthed a whole raft of hidden liabilities the largest of which was compliance failure as far as H M Revenue…Read More

  • The Panama Papers scandal almost cost me my sanity and sleep deprivation my health. My solicitor recommended that I consult Casterbridge Hardy LLP and I was very sceptical having been “looked after” by a much larger practice. The advice which I received in restructuring my tax planning was competent, personal, professional, creative and, above all,…Read More

  • The dreaded letter of enquiry arrived from H M Revenue and Customs and my accountants immediately resigned. I was left very much alone and frightened. The senior partner at Casterbridge Hardy LLP created a new client profile for me and in a handful of minutes advised me that the Unique Taxpayer Reference and National Insurance…Read More

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