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Time has flown and we now need to look forward (sic) to the next Autumn Statement.  There is some doubt as to when this will be.  There are two schools of thought – October or November of 2018.  There has been a considerable amount of speculation in the profession as to exactly what we may expect to happen.    Certainly, this administration continues to explore avenues to tighten up the rules surrounding the awful IR 35 concept first propounded by the socialist Dawn Primarola.  The “Conservative” party then promised to rid us of this hated concept in their manifesto but, once in power renaged (as they seem to have an incurable habit of doing) on that pledge and to the contrary have done everything in their power to strengthen the bite.  This delight in punishing those who choose to run their own (primarily) contracting companies (rather than opt for the cushy alternative of direct employment) has most recently been evidenced by the extension of the scheme into the public sector on 06 April 2018. We will see whether there is further punishment in store in the Autumn Statement.  The newsletters which we post on our website and our App (obtainable by clicking the Apple icon at the foot of our home page) will contain the appropriate details as and when available.  We have been asked to make obtaining our App more obvious and we are amending our website to include a dedicated button for this very purpose.http://App Store


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