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Budget statements are an unwelcome complication for an already unwieldy tax system and the autumn budget statement is rapidly looming upon us.  There is good reason to be concerned by the various rumors which abound in the professional press.   The most concerning of these rumors relates to a proposal which is rapidly gaining traction with politicians on both sides of what passes for the political divide viz.  the proposal to levy tax penalties on older taxpayers with a view to bridging the inter-generational wealth gap which is perceived to exist in this country.  Put simply this is the Robin Hood complex gone mad and into overdrive.  We remain non-committal in the matter of politics believing that Guy Fawkes had a point.  Instead of wasting our time considering the politics of the matter we will, as always, be looking to ensure that our client base obtain the best result from any adverse changes in the tax system which impinges on their wealth and well being.  The frantic scramble to secure the “young” vote is likely to become more unsavoury with the passing of time and vigilance on the part of Casterbridge Hardy LLP, in the matter of the defence of the financial interests of the client base of the practice will continue to command the highest possible priority.  Almost needless to say, as the story unfolds in to the future the readers of our blogs will receive the relevant “heads up” as soon as this is practically possible.  The news letters which we post on our website and our App (obtainable by clicking the Apple icon at the foot of our home page) will contain the appropriate details as and when available.  We have been asked to make obtaining our App more obvious and we are amending our website to include a dedicated button for this very purpose.http://App Store


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