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Casterbridge Hardy LLP is gearing up for the half centenary celebration of its foundation on 01 July 2018.  The practice has progressive experienced  limited metamorphoses since the original foundation on 01 July 1968 which tends to be unusual in the life of practices of duration.  The world of accountancy, finance and taxation has changed out of all recognition since the day of the creation of the practice and the practice has adapted to cope, indeed most clients would say excel, without missing a beat.  The world today is populated by governments which are fiscally imprudent and the United Kingdom government (of whatever political persuasion) is one of the worst with debt to GDP ratio of 94% and rising – put bluntly it is skint!   Governments do not have any money of their own at all.  To fund government expenditure the government looks to two sources – borrowing and taxation.  Government borrowing is beyond the remit of Casterbridge Hardy LLP but taxation most certainly is not.  Today we are constantly assailed by meaningless soundbites and gobbledegook a prime example of which is a comment made by one of our American clients who famously told me he was going to spend the afternoon with his family at the “land sea interface” – the beach!  We try to avoid this sort of nonsensical nomenclature but one of the items which is peddled to the whole world is “mission statement” and we believe that, for once, this may have a practical application as our avowed mission is to defend the interests of all of our clients to the fullest extent with a view to limiting, to the very minimum, the amount of tax which the government is legally able to extract from them.  This policy has been honed to perfection over the lifetime of the practice to the extent that, numbered among our many clients, are former (and in some cases serving) members of H M Revenue and Customs and they, or members of their families have decided to undertake commercial activities or who have encountered tax problems of one kind or another as the case may be.  We believe that it is always worth checking out our Facebook page or Twitter to see what we have to say on a regular basis and, for those who have downloaded My Firm’s App (either by clicking the icon at the bottom of our home page or the appropriate button on the same page or direct from the App Store itself), by reading the notifications which will pop up from time to time.  The policy of the practice is now, and always has been. person first and client second.  Translated in to practical terms we enjoy interactivity with our family of clients and we welcome any comments which they may have in relation to our website, Facebook page or App.  This practice would be nothing without its family of clients – and that is something which we have understood and appreciated since that first day.

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